28 mar
Ankara, Turkey
Second transnational partners meeting

Second transnational partners meeting

The second meeting of ISSE project partners was hosted in Ankara, Turkey, on 28th and 29th March 2019.

After the welcome speech given by the Ankara Provincial Directorate of Family, Labor and Social Services which was the host organization, a presentation was made which draws a general framework of the project. Issues such as what is the concept of social entrepreneurship, why is ISSE Project needed, project’s goals, its target groups, project’s intellectual outputs, activities of the project and budget were discussed in detail.

Each partner shared the details of the local workshops they organized with the aim of both introducing and disseminating the ISSE Project and gathering information on social entrepreneurship skills from people who play an active role in the field of social entrepreneurship.

We worked on the questionnaires that are intended to be used in order to identify social entrepreneurs and mentors who will be involved in the virtual incubator and trainings.

We discussed also on the final list of skills and competences of a social entrepreneur obtained through the local workshops.

Finally there was a short workshop for determining educational contents connected with the identified skills.